Marina Rules

Lighthouse Point Yacht Club
Marina Rules

Policies & Rules

Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, LLC

Slip Lessee

  1. Slip Lessee agrees to comply with all rules and regulations set forth herein and on the back of the lease, as such may be amended from time to time by LHPYC, and should breach of the Lease or violation of rules and regulations occur, the lease agreement shall terminate upon ten (10) days’ notice, and LHPYC may remove the boat from her mooring (including directing a contractor to remove the boat and place it in Dry Dock) all at Tenant’s expense.Breaking Lease Contract or in Default = LOSS OF DEPOSIT AND REMAINING BALANCE OF THE TENANT’S LEASE.
  2. All Boats, Personal Water Crafts (PWC) and Trailers on LHPYC property must have individual contracts and a current year LHPYC stickers. Payments of space rent constitutes acceptance of all the terms, conditions, and rules of the lease.
  3. LHPYC shall not be liable for the care or protection of the boat PWC or trailer (including gear, equipment, attachments and contents) or for any loss or damage of whatever kind or nature whether due to negligence of LHPYC or otherwise. LESSEE AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS LHPYC AGAINST ANY LOSS, COST, AND SUIT, CLAIM OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY OR ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE LESSEE.
  4. LHPYC shall have a lien against the Tenant’s boat, her appurtenances and contents for rent or unpaid sums due for the use of dock facilities or other services, or for damage caused or contributed to by the Tenant’s boat or by Tenant to any docks, property of LHPYC, or any other person or boat.
  5. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Tenant must insure the boat and personal property at all times in a suitable amount and against all hazards and casualties and makes Lessee’s insurance Company aware of the terms and conditions of the lease. Tenant agrees to provide a certificate of insurance satisfactory to LHPYC showing liability coverage in effect for a minimum amount of $300,000.00 during the lease Space assignments will be made only after proof of insurance is given to LHPYC.
  6. Dock attendants are permitted to perform only those activities as directed by the Harbormaster.
  7. It is agreed between parties that the TENANT shall not assign, transfer or permit the use of assigned space to any other party without written consent of LHPYC officer.     


No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on in any Slip or on the common elements, nor shall anything be done therein, which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to others. No Owner shall make or permit any disturbing noises or permit anything that will interfere with the rights, comforts and convenience of others … All boaters shall keep the volume of any radio, television, musical instrument or other sounds producing device in the Slip sufficiently reduced at all times so as not to disturb others. Tenants arealso responsible for the conduct and behavior of their guests. Despite such reduced volume, no sound producing devices shall be operated in a Slip between the hours of 11:00 O’clock p.m. and to the following 8:00 O’clock a.m. if such operation shall disturb or annoy others.


  1. Pets, when off the boat, shall be leashed within the confines of the Marina and toileted in designated areas only.
  2. Slip Lessee and Tenant are responsible for immediate cleaning of docks, etc. in the event of antoileted accident.
  3. Pets permitted only if they do not disturb other guests
  4. Pets are not permitted in restrooms or showers.   


  1. Use of electrical outlets other than the ones assigned to you on your meter is prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by LHPYC Management.
  2. Electricity for slips that is individually metered shall be coordinated by LHPYC, with payment for the service the sole responsibility of Slip Lessee.
  3. Power cords must not be allowed to contact the water, and should be de-energized from the source when the slip is unoccupied.


  1. The Lessee slip shall include the right to use the finger on the side of the slip closest to the parking lot. No part of the Marina shall be used for any purpose except boat dockage and the common purposes for which the Marina was designed. Each Slip shall be used by its owners and their guests. In addition, each Slip shall be used exclusively for mooring boats only that conform to specified Regulations. Boat lifts and floats may be allowed. It is the slip owner’s responsibility to ensure that no damage to the Marina is caused by the presence or action of these additions.
  2. Storage of private property is not allowed on walkways or finger except in approved dock boxes
  3. Attachments (including, but not limited to satellite dishes, sun shades, fans, lights or signs) to Marina property [including, but not limited to: dock, roof, roof support and walkway] are prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by LHPYC Management.
  4. All corner wheels and other slip improvements must be approved in writing and installed/removed according to instructions of LHPYC Management.
  5. All boats leaving their slips are the privileged boat and have the right-of-way. Conversely, boats returning to their slips are the burdened boats.
  6. Boats, Dinghies and PWC’s must fit totally within the slip. If you have a contracted PWC, do not use empty slips or unused portions of someone else’s slip for it unless you have permission from that slip Owner and LHPYC.
  7.  Dock boxes and boarding steps, which have been approved by LHPYC, shall be the only items allowed on the assigned finger. We ask that all dock boxes be screwed down into the finger to ensure they do not blow away in their designated place approved by LHPYC.
  8.  A boat’s length shall be measured by a plumb line that begins at the farthest protruding point of the boat’s bow or attachments to the boat as it is maintained in the slip and ends at the farthest protruding point of the boat’s stern or attachments to the boat as it is maintained in the slip.
  9. If an anchor, stanchions, I/O units, swim platforms, lifts or the like protrudes out past the hull, then the plumb line shall be from the farthest protruding point.
  10. Neither the boat nor its equipment may extend more than two feet beyond the end of the slip. Nothing shall protrude over the main walkway.
  11. Dinghies, davits, swim platforms, lifts and other items cannot be added to a boat unless the boat as modified continues to be in compliance with these rules.
  12. There shall be no obstruction of the Marina. Nothing shall be stored on the Marina docks without the prior consent of the LHPYC. No slip shall be modified by any member in any manner without the prior consent of the LHPYC.
  13. Each Lessee shall keep his Slip and the docks near his Slip in a good state of cleanliness and shall not sweep or throw, or permit to be swept or thrown there from, any trash or other substances off the Dock.
  14. Slip Lessee will keep all walkways clear. No lines, hoses or other objects are to be left on dock walkways in such a way as to create a hazard.
  15. All Slip Lessee shall furnish the following information to the LHPYC:
    • Copy of current registration or documentation.
    • Proof of insurance naming the Association as an additional insured.

Information above shall be kept current and changes reported to the LHPYC within two days of any change.

Marina General

  1. The entire harbor is a NO WAKE ZONE.
  2. Nothing shall be done or kept in the Marina, which will increase the insurance rate for the property or grounds without prior written consent of LHPYC. No Lessee shall permit anything to be done or kept in his slip or on the Common Elements which will result in the cancellation of insurance on the property or grounds, or which could be in violation of any public law, ordinance or Regulation. No petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil) or other explosive or flammable materials may be kept in any slip, vessel or storage area except for petroleum products in certified gasoline and diesel tanks. No waste shall be committed into the waters of the Marina or the docks or other elements.
  3. Dumping of portable toilet material into the rest room toilets is expressly prohibited. Do not discharge sewage into the harbor or at the docks. If caught there will be a $500 fine for the first offense and $1500 fine for the second offense. We encourage the use of our pump out facility. You can obtain tokens at the office or at the refueling dock at no charge.
  4. No bathing or swimming from the Docks, Banks or in the Harbor of the Marina is permitted.
  5. Positively no grilling allowed in the dock slips, Marina and Harbor areas. There will be a Grilling area at the top of each boat ramp entrance A, B, C, D, E and F. No firearms or fireworks shall be displayed or discharged in the harbor.
  6. Laundry shall not be hung on boats, or docks in the Marina.
  7. No boat, vessel, watercraft, vehicle, machinery, or equipment of any type whatsoever shall be refueled on Marina grounds or docks. All boaters must be vigilant to prevent discharge of any petroleum products into the water. If any spill occurs, the LHPYC shall be notified immediately. If a spill is major (more than just sheen), the United States Coast Guard and/or Marine Police shall be notified immediately.
  8. The Day Slips shall be used for short-term mooring only. Boats Slip Lessee at the Marina shall not be docked overnight in the day slips except for emergencies for extenuating circumstances. Transient mooring shall be arranged with the LHPYC. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. Only LHPYC Slip Lessee or long-term renters may reserve Day Slips. The minimum rental period is one day; the maximum period is five (5) days in any two-week period. Additional time may be allowed if there is a vacancy. The rental fee for Day Slips is $25.00 per night and shall be added to the monthly dues of the slip owner in whose name the slip was rented. Boats moored in the Day Slip must meet all requirements for boats moored in Owned slips, including insurance coverage.
  9. LHPYC reserves the right to limit and govern parking space in the Marina parking lot. BOAT TRAILERS, CAMPERS, AND RECREATIONAL VEHICLES ARE PROHIBITED.
  10. Long trucks or vans and vehicles with trailer hitches must back into the parking space on the hill side of the driveway so you do not hang over the concrete driveway.
  11. Fueling of PWC and boats in the marina is strictly prohibited without the approval of LHPYC management.
  12. Center walkways must be kept clear of all items at all times.
  13. No signs of any kind shall be displayed on boats or premises without the approval of management. ’Boat for sale’ notices may be displayed on the bulletin board, but do not designate slip location of the boat. We do not want to encourage strangers to walk on our docks.
  14. To ensure our Wi-Fi is working for all of our customers, we ask that you not use personal routers without checking with us. They can interfere with our system’s signal.
  15. No slip shall be used for any unlawful, improper, immoral or offensive purpose and no Slip Owner shall commit or permit such acts in or upon his Slip. Slip Lessee are responsible, at all times to ensure the proper conduct of their family members, guests and visitors while on the premises.
  16. Any damage to the Marina or other common elements or equipment caused by a Slip Lessee shall be repaired at the expense of the Slip Lessee.
  17. Children shall be permitted within the Marina, provided they are under the care and supervision of a responsible adult 18- years of age or older. Children shall at all times be subject to the provisions of these Regulations.
  18. No heating devices (except those expressly manufactured and approved for unattended marine use) and no lights (except for permanently installed fixtures) are to be operated on boats without the Owner or his representative aboard unless approved by the LHPYC. Open flames and/or charcoal burners are not permitted anywhere on the docks, including moored vessels. This rule is essential for fire protection of all boats in the harbor.

Trash and Waste

  1. All trash must be packaged in trash bags and disposed of in the dumpster by the boater.
  2. Large items being discarded (such as carpet, mattresses, furniture, etc.) must be removed from the premises by the boat owner. Please do not leave trash on your boat or on your slip finger. It attracts wild animals.
  3. No discarded oil or hazardous materials are to be placed in trash containers. If you have “used oil” to be disposed of, please inform the office. Put the used oil in a leak proof container and set it at the side of the dumpster. LHPYC will properly dispose of the used oil.

Boat Condition

  1. All boats must be in seaworthy condition and reasonably clean and free of clutter during the term of this agreement. LHPYC Management has the sole discretion to declare a boat un-seaworthy or not being maintained to reasonable standards, and todirect the Slip Owner to correct the deficiencies or remove such boat from the LHPYC within thirty (30) days, failing which, LHPYC may correct the deficiencies or remove the boat (including directing a contractor to remove the boat and place it on land) all at Owner expense.
  2. Owner’s authorizes LHPYC to pump out boats which appear to be in danger of sinking and agree to pay for any services rendered or supplied. LHPYC does not, however, have any duty or obligation to render aid to a boat or inspect boats to determine if the boat is seaworthy, such responsibility being and remaining that of the Owner.

Dry Dock

  1. No electricity is to be used unless otherwise approved in writing by LPYC Management.
  2. No work of any kind shall be performed inside the building.
  3. Batteries must be shut off, disconnected or removed.
  4. Storage area can be accessed during normal office hours only

Boat Repairs

  1. All contractors or workers performing work on Owner’s boat must sing in at office and have (and be prepared to show to Marina representatives) proof of liability insurance ($1,000,000 coverage) and certificate of workman’s compensation and perform their work in an area to be assigned LHPYC suitable in which to perform their work.
  2. The use of torches or open flame, inflammable or toxic removers, or any other hazardous equipment is prohibited.
  3. No work can be performed by a contractor that is direct competition with services offered by LHPYC.
  4. No extended or major overhaul of any vessel may be undertaken in any Slip. Routine maintenance is permitted; the tools, cleaning materials, debris and other items associated with such activity shall be kept safely stored and out of view when not in use and all such activity shall be kept safely stored and out of view when not in use, and all such activity shall be carried out expeditiously.

Payments / Non-Payments

  1. Annual or seasonal rent is due and payable in advance of the first day of the contract.
  2. Monthly rent is due and payable in advance of the first of each month of the contract.
  3. If payment is not received within five days after the due date 2% will be added to the balance due each month until the bill is paid in full.
  4. Any boat left in its slip past the end of the contract will be charged by the day prorated at the monthly rate.
  5. If a boat is in a slip and the bill is more than 30 days past due, the boat will be secured in the slip or put into dry-dock and winterized at the owner’s expense.
  6. If you have a small boat or PWC, and you do not have a trailered boat contract for it with LHPYC, your account will be charged $1.00 per foot per day for transient docking if you dock/park it anywhere in the marina other than within your contracted slip.

Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, Inc., may at any time cancel a member’s contract and demand member to remove his/her boat from the marina premises if said member’s actions or those of his family or guests, in the opinion of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, Inc., become objectionable to other members or the owners or staff of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, Inc., or detrimental to the operation of the marina.